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jeremy.shields(7)            Human            jeremy.shields(7)

    Jeremy Lee

    Human male, Programmer, Sys Admin

    Programs in PHP, LUA, C and JS

    Available in English, French with basic
    support for Esperanto.

    Watches anime but hates the culture surounding it,
    Stuck between 4chan, reddit and normal human behaviour.

    Listens to Metal and electronic music
        (References beeing the likes of Children of Bodom, 
        Gojira, Meshuggah, Immortal, Black Fast, 
        Blind Guardian, Annimals as Leaders, Deadmau5
        and the Kannibalen familly).

    PC gamer playing immersive games modded to perfection 
        (Arma 3, Insurgency, War Thunder)
    as well as MMOs
        (EVE online, Guild Wars).

    Dungeons and Dragons nerd.

    Atheistic Satanist.

    Free Software Hacktivist.

    Runs Linux and Microsoft Windows on a daily basis.

  Exit status:
    0   if OK,

    1   if Minor problems due to input,

    2   if Other minor problems,

    3   if Serious trouble (Sometimes just segfaults).

    No author.

    By Mail at jeremy(dot)shields(at)orange(dot)fr

    Copyright  @  2019 Jeremy Lee Shields.
    License 3-Clause BSD License: 

    Website: <>
        (*NIX tips and tricks, opinions and tools).

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