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Harmful Things

Inspired by cat-v's "Harmful Stuff"

Things Harmful things Less harmful alternatives Notes
Plaintext configs / flat storage XML, SGML, YAML JSON, TOML, CSV, plain(UTF-8) text Spectrwm's config style is a good example
Text encodings Any Text Encodings UTF-8
Licences GPL, LGPL, AGPL, Apache Software License, MPL, CC ISC, MIT/X, BSD, BSD-3 Clause, CC0, public domain Closed source / non-free
Source control SVN, Random files by mail GIT, Mercurial, CVS
Static web servers / reverse proxy Apache, NGINX sthttpd, OpenBSD's httpd, HAProxy, stunnel
Editors Emacs, nano, Eclipse, Acme, Sam Vim, NeoVim, ne, mcedit, Even VS Code ed is a meme
Build automation GNU autoconf/automake, CMake, imake, scons, cargo mk, POSIX Shellscripts, GNU or BSD Make Good old makefiles are good enough you troglodites
Client software languages Java, Vala, D, Python, Ruby, Perl C, Go, Rust, Lua, POSIX Shellscripts
Protocols HTTP, FTP HTTPS, SFTP Security!
File sharing SMB, AFS, WebDAV, NFS SSHFS, 9p
Regular expressions PCRE Classic/Extended regexps
Lossy video encodings H.264, H.265... VP9 AV1 when properly supported
Lossless video encodings RGB, Dirac, JPEG2000 lossless, H.264 lossless FFV1, HuffYUV, Ut Video, YCbCr
Lossy audio encodings AAC, mp3 Opus
Lossless audio encodings ALAC, TTA, ALS FLAC, WavPack Lossless
Video containers mp4, avi, mov, 3gp, wma, wmv, flv... MKV, Webm Some browsers can't open mkv but can open webm?
Lossy raster graphics file formats PNG, JPEG, BMP Webp, Farbfeld AVIF when properly supported
Animated graphics GIF Webm Even APNG really
Web browsers Chrome, Chromium, Safari, Pale Moon, Basilisk Firefox, Tor Browser, Falkon, qutebrowser, Comodo IceDragon Spyware and older non secure firefox forks are to be avoided
Compression algorithms Deflate, Compress, bzip2, Quad lz4, lzma, Brotli LZSSE works nicely but there is a x86 SIMD dependency
Archive formats / programs Gzip, bzip2, RAR, ISO, cpio, shar, lzip, 7zip Tar, lz4, Brotli, XZ / PXZ
This meme sed 11q head -n 11 Even though you can type it with one hand

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