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[Harmful Things]

Inspired by cat-v's "Harmful Stuff"

ThingsHarmful thingsLess harmful alternativesNotes
Web browsersChrome, Chromium, Safari, Pale Moon/Basilisk, Edge, IExplorerFirefox, Brave, Ungoogled Chromium, qutebrowser, Tor Browser BundleSpyware and older non secure firefox forks are to be avoided
Terminal Editorsemacs, eclipse, acme, samvim, neovim, ne, mcedit, nanoeven VS Code
Plaintext configs / flat storageXML, SGML, YAMLJSON, TOML, CSV, plain(UTF-8) textSpectrwm's config style is a good example. Also powershell's psd1 is pretty nice
More complex storageThe miriad of weird SQL databases that popped upMariaDB, SQLite, JSONjq, jo, jsed
Text encodingsAny Text EncodingsASCII, UTF-8
LicencesGPL, LGPL, AGPL, Apache Software License, MPL, CC, proprietaryISC, MIT/X, BSD, BSD-3 Clause, CC0, public domainAvoid Closed source / non-free
Source controlSVN, ftpGIT, mercurial, CVS
Static web servers / reverse proxyApache, IISsthttpd, nginx, OpenBSD's httpd, HAProxy, stunnel, quarkStop using .NET for website you monsters
Build automationGNU autoconf/automake, CMake, imake, scons, cargomk, POSIX shellscripts, BSD MakeMakefiles are good enough you troglodites
Client software languagesjava, vala, D, python, ruby, perlC, go, rust, lua, POSIX shellscripts
SSLSSL, http, ftpTLS, https, ftps, sftpSecurity!
Remote file systemssmb, afs, webdav, nfssshfs, 9p
Regular expressionsPCREClassic/Extended regexps
Things Harmful things Less harmful alternatives Notes
Video containersmp4, avi, mov, 3gp, wma, wmv, flv...mkv, webm
Lossy video encodingsxvid, divx, h.264, h.265vp8, vp9, av1av1
Lossless video encodingsmjpeg2000, h.264 lossless, vp9 losslessffv1.3, HuffYUV, ffvhuff
Lossy audio encodingsaac (all forms), ac3, mp3opusYou have no good reason to not use opus. For real
Lossless audio encodingsalac, tta, mp4als, wavpack, apeflac
Lossy raster graphics file formatsjpeg, bmp, bpg, heicwebp, avif, jpeg-xlAVIF and JPEG XL
Lossless raster graphics file formatsMost lossy formats in "Lossless" mode, farbfeldpng, huffyuv, ffv1.3, jpeg-xlAlways recompress your PNGs, I recommend ECT
Animated graphicsgif, animated webpvp9Even APNG is better than gif really.
Compression algorithmsDeflate, Compress, bzip2, Quad, Paqlz4, lzma2, BrotliLZSSE works nicely but there is a x86 SIMD dependency
Archive formats7z-SFX, WIM, RAR, ISO, cpio, shar, (gzip, bzip2, lzip concatenation)(us)tar, 7zip
This memesed 11qhead -n 11Even though you can type it with one hand